06.05.2023, 15:00

Spatial Planning: The Justus van Effen Complex
and the Spatial State of the Netherlands


During the talk Spatial Planning: The Justus van Effen Complex and the Spatial State of the Netherlands architect ARJAN HEBLY will go into the most recent restoration and renovation of the Justus van Effen complex. Together with Molenaar & Co, Hebly’s firm was responsible for the restoration of the Justus van Effen complex from 2006 to 2012.

ARJAN HEBLY is president of Hebly Theunissen Architects in Delft. He has taught at various academic institutions, including Delft University of Technology and the Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Tilburg. He has a variety of publications and research projects to his name, on subjects including architecture, urban design, commercial estates and contextual design. His firm creates plans for aging neighborhoods and districts, project-based and private housing developments, conversions and restorations. He also publishes regularly on architecture.

During the talk, Wouter Vanstiphout will give a brief history of spatial planning and an analysis of the spatial state of the Netherlands. In times of housing shortage against a background of growing inequality and the major climate challenge, what are the main tasks and where do opportunities for cooperation lie?

WOUTER VANSTIPHOUT is an architectural historian and researcher who has written extensively on urbanism and spatial politics. He is part of the Deans Team of Independent School for the City and founding partner of Crimson Historians & Urbanists, both based in Rotterdam. He holds the chair Design & Politics at the TU Delft, which is exploring, researching and defining the boundaries, commonalities and tensions between the fields of politics and design. As a practitioner he has directed the renewal of the Dutch industrial satellite town of Rotterdam: Hoogvliet and advises municipalities, the national government, housing corporations and Project Developers on matters relating to urban renewal, cultural heritage and spatial and urban politics. From 2012 to 2016, he was a member of the national advisory council on the environment and infrastructure (RLI).

To make it possible for everyone to join the talk, we offer an additional workshop for children. They will be working with the theme of the exhibition under supervision (and outside, if the weather permits).
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PHOTO: Justus van Effencomplex before the renovation of 2012. Robert Rotterdam


a case study by REMCO TORENBOSCH

Justus van Effencomplex. Molenaar & Co. architecten / Bas Kooij