Visual arts as a driver for the discussion of contemporary social, political and ecological problems. At A Tale of A Tub we use tours and workshops to reflect and think about urgent topics in society. Artists show other possibilities and realities, think about different perspectives and translate their own world of experience into images that can appeal to all ages. Under the guidance of an experienced art mediator, participants will raise various questions and points for discussion in order to gain new insights and to put themselves in perspective with regard to humans, animals and nature. We call this ‘intersectional ecological thinking’.

Education workshop, Photo: Andrea Koll
Education workshop, Photo: Andrea Koll

In addition to our regular tour and workshop program, we also create tailor-made programs and activities, because every group’s and school’s needs are different. Do you want to highlight specific themes or topics? We will work with you to find opportunities to bring these subjects to the fore and deepen them together with our mediators and artists.

A Tale of A Tub is part of Cultuurtraject Rotterdam.

With the education workshop See Me at A Tale of A Tub educational curator & artist Andrea Koll and designer & educator Lisanne Janssen explored communality and collectivity with three hundred children. As a result of conversations with Aldo E. Ramos, the artist of the exhibition Spinning The Spindle Towards Pluritopia, they designed a two-part educational workshop where children are invited to connect to each other and themselves.

See Me, Photo: Florian Braakman
See Me, Photo: Florian Braakman


Justus van Effen Complex

A Tale of A Tub is located in the former bathhouse in the monumental Justus van Effen complex in Rotterdam. This complex dates from 1922 and was designed by Dutch architect Michiel Brinkman. During our art and architecture tours, our mediator gives you a glimpse into the rich history and all the facts and stories hidden in the stones. Together you enjoy the unique architecture and visit our exhibition space in the former bathhouse. Our mediators have an academic background in art and architecture. We can tailor your tour to your interests, with an emphasis on art, architecture or a combination of both. Price on request.


◦ Our education programs are available in both Dutch and English
◦ Costs are € 50 per hour
◦ We accept the CJP Culture Card


For more information about our educational program and tours, contact
Kimberly Vicente
Educational Curator of A Tale of A Tub